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Activision, as one of the largest third party video game publishers in the world, says its range of collectable toys-to-life vehicles will 'take the sector by storm'. Activision has detailed its plans to reinvigorate the toy vehicle category with ‘the same magic’ its Skylanders franchise brought t...


KSL Toys' Kristopher Darren Scott was behind the largest haul of the banned drug 4-MEC in Northern Ireland to date. KSL Toys owner Kristopher Darren Scott has been handed a five-year sentence for importing the banned 4-MEC drug inside a batch of robotic fish toys. The toy firm owner admitted a char...


SweetDreamers has seen sales soar through the roof for its womb-mimicking sleep aid device. The award winning sleep brand, SweetDreamers, has announced global sales of its Ewan the Sheep sleep aid have reached 250,000. Having only announced sales reaching 100,000 late last year, the firm is overwhe...


The firm has stocked a wealth of pirate themed stock ahead of the release of the film Pan. With the Hollywood blockbuster Pan fast approaching, Tobar has a range of pirate themed products now in stock, ready for customers to stock up for an expected pirate rush. Picked the Tobar team, the pirate th...


Children’s channel of CBBC is going to launch a news series of R/C drones battle, in which teenagers from 9-14 can apply to join in the show. This program is inspired by the latest advancements in children’s drones, which is called Airmageddon and from the producers of Robot wars, the series wil...


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